Trogir is much more than just a touristic attraction where people from all around the  world come to enjoy the sea and the sun, its primary importance and beauty lie in its cultural and historical heritage. It was founded before Christ by Greek colonists but this small town from Hellenic period grow up during its long history into one of the best preserved Romanic and gothic towns in Europe. The city fortress with its towers surrounded by the city walls present the historical core of Trogir which has been included in the world’s historical and cultural heritage under UNESCO protection.

The streets of this small town follow the original roman construction but during the centuries the rulers of the city continued to build many representative, both public and private, palaces and fortresses in different artistic styles. The most interesting part of this cultural heritage is to be recognized in a numerous Romanic churches whose original style has been enriched with ornamentations, paintings and sculptures from renaissance and baroque period. The most important monument in Trogir is St. Lawrence's Cathedral with its famous western entrance, a work of master Radovan, it is a masterpiece of Romanic and gothic art considered to be the most beautiful and the most important monument of the medieval period in Croatia. 

Many kings have been fascinated by this small town entirely built in white Dalmatian stone which gave it such an extraordinary beauty. This beautiful pearl of the Croatian Adriatic continues to fascinate today even more than it used before so it is more than probable that, while you are walking through its narrow streets, you suddenly encounter some well known face from the world’s jet set who just love to enjoy the beauty and the harmony of this monumental place. It is not possible to define if it is because of its beautiful palaces and the feeling of eternity while you walk through those streets which watched the entire history pass through them but it is certain that everybody who comes to Trogir gets a glance of royalty.

There are many 'konobas' (Dalmatian tavern where you can taste traditional specialities) in Trogir famous for their exquisite cuisine based on fresh fish which is daily caught around the islands Drvenik and Krknjasi, two islands well known not only for the highest quality fish but also for their wonderful sand beaches. From Trogir tourists often choose to visit one or more islands in its surroundings easy to reach by daily ferry connections or you can just drive to the island of Ciovo which is connected to Trogir by bridge.  

It is our pleasure to offer you excursions in a traditional wooden ship all up to the north-eastern side of the Drvenik Veli island passing between the  main islands and two separate islands of Krknjasi chain. Among the island Krknjas Veli and the island Krknjas Mali and Veli Drvenik there is a Krknjasi harbour. Besides an amusing ride on the boat, you will certainly enjoy in the beauty of an untouched nature and in the submarine rich flora and fauna, but if you really want to treat yourself with something special, then you will adore the possibility to taste some of gastronomic specialities of Dalmatia.

In other words, a one day excursion to the islands includes a tasting of authentic Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh fish grilled on olive wood and on the branches of old wine wood. Also, all the fruit and the vegetables served on this day trip are grown in a bio-ecological production and the wine is homemade, deriving from the grapes grown on the very same wood on which your fish will be grilled. 

For all those who would like to experience the freshness of the glorious morning silence while watching the shiny drops falling from the boat, in collaboration with the local fishermen, we organise a trip during which you get to know and to try to throw the nets and to fish.