Ražanj is a small fishermen village whose inhabitants live in a profound relationship with the sea and the olive trees on which their lives have always depended. Every night tiny boats sail into the sunset and they never came back before the sunrise with their nets full of fresh fish. Ražanj gained a high level of popularity due to this calm atmosphere, its natural beaches and the clean sea which have still not been discovered by a great number of tourists thus providing a peaceful place for relaxing vacation. 

During the summer few special evenings, so called 'fishermen nights' are organized in the central part of the village and these events provide a perfect occasion for tasting typical dishes which are all based on fish and aromatic homemade wine. 

Just above the village of Ražanj a mountain Movar rises and on the top of it you can visit the Fortress built by French soldiers in 1860 although some ruins are standing to prove that probably on the same spot another fortification was built in ancient times. The view from the Fortress is absolutely amazing, not only that the astonishing beauty of the sea, the islands and the coastline are magnificent but on the sunny bright days even the Italian coast can be seen giving you the feeling of an extreme beauty.

Only two words could properly describe what everyone feels once on the top of the mountain of Movar: UNTERMINABLE BLUE SKY AND THE BLUE SEA. While enjoying this magnificent view it is very probable that you will notice groups of dolphins playing joyously on the sea surface. Spending a day of your vacation on climbing to Movar Mountain is something that you just have to do in order to complete your holidays.
There is another famous mythical place situated at only 1 km from Ražanj, that's Punta Planka.

That spot is the most exposed part of the Croatian coast of Adriatic, it is the place that separates the Croatian coast in two geographical, a place units where two of the strongest winds meet: jugo and bura, the first blowing from the south and the former coming from the north. Lots of legends are connected to this particular place. One of the legends narrates that in the remote times sirens used to lie on the rocks of this horn while they were singing to the sailors. There is another legend telling that in the year 1062 the bishop Ivan from Trogir on this same spot saved the shipwrecked sailors by walking on the sea and calming the storm for the ship to pass safely.    

To honor the Blessed bishop Ivan of Trogir, in 1331 on the Ploca Horn, the aristocracy of Trogir financed the construction of a church on the rock at just 10 meters from the sea. The church was named as a Church of St. John and it has been perfectly preserved till today. Partly thanks to the legends and partly thanks to its unique climatic position and predominantly because of its astonishing harmony between the sea, the sky and the land, this wonderful place does not leave anyone indifferent. On the contrary, this is the place, which will conquer your soul with its magnetic attraction.

Zmajevo Oko ( Dragon's Eye)
In the surroundings of Ražanj there is another natural phenomenon which also presented a basis for another legend. At only 2 Nm or 7 km from Ražanj lies a wonderful gulf of Rogoznica and a small town with a lake called Zmajevo oko (Dragon's Eye). The lake is filled with seawater and it represents a natural bio reactor in which intense bio chemical processes constantly take place. Every 10 years all the life, animals just as vegetation,in the lake perishes and the lake changes its colour: from its normal shiny blue colour it transforms into the sulphuric green nuance. This phenomenon is caused by global climatic changes, which in this case are resulting in a greater concentration of sulphur.

There is an interesting legend about the lake of Zmajevo Oko: once upon a time, in the ancient Greece, in Rogoznica, a mighty dragon called Murin was the owner of life and death. The dragon had such a power that flowers grow out of the stone if he only looked at the stone,  when he set up to the sea for fishing, the fish would jump out from the sea to fulfil his desire. All the lands near Rogoznica, which were under Murin’s protection, have been always in peace, spared from wars, hunger and diseases because the dragon's power was well known all around the world and nobody dared to challenge the dragon.

The inhabitants had to pay for their peace by bringing once a year the most beautiful virgin in all the land to be the dragon' s wife. The legend narrates that no girl ever survived the first wedding night. One year, a brave young man called Aristoles famous because of his winged white horse felt in love with the most beautiful girl in the village, Lucija, who was promised to be that year's offer to the dragon.

After the girl was taken to the dragon, Aristoles challenged Murin to duel, the battle for life or death. The battle lasted from the noon that day until the sunset. In the sunset, the young man speared directly to the heart of the dragon. Deadly injured dragon at the beginning thought that he was dreaming, but when he realized he was dying, feeling a tremendous ain, he started to curse the lying gods, the world and his mother Hera because he finally understood he was not immortal.

Dragon's despair was so vast that with his last strength he took out his eyes. The first eye he tore out, he threw so far away that flew through the half of the Adriatic sea and at last it felt far beyond the island of Mljet digging so deep the hole that today it is the deepest spot in the Adriatic. Murin the dragon had no more strength so he pulled his other eye but it felt just under his feet, in the same place where the battle took place. When the dragon's eye felt on the rock it melted the rock opening a huge hole where instantly a storm took place and the seawater filled the hole thus giving birth to the lake.

The legend says that those couples who have a swim in the lake remain always happy together and their love lasts forever. Young girls can often be seen as they walk in the sunset to the lake just to have a bath in the lake. Near the Zmajevo Oko Lake, precisely in the bay of Soline, a modern marina has been built. The marina called Frapa is one of the biggest in all the Adriatic coast, it offers more than 400 places for yachts but what makes it specially inviting is not only its beautiful location but also a great variety of services it offers.

In the close proximity of Rogoznica lays Primošten, one of the most famous towns on the Croatian coast. It is a magnificent small town built on the peninsula. It is said that Primošten is one of the most brilliant pearls of the Adriatic coast. This wonderful place is famous not only for its crystalline clean sea, beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean atmosphere but also because of one of the biggest and most refined disco clubs in Dalmatia, Aurora disco.