Every visitor to the island of Hvar falls forever in love with its astonishing godlike beauty. 

If you want to feel the true natural beauty of Hvar we organize the excursion during which you will be invited to participate in harvest of two typical plants: lavender and olives. For lavender is said to be the magical plant with thousand faces, it is used in cosmetics, medicine and for hygienic products. It is often referred to as an aphrodisiac.

It is also narrated that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used the lavender water to seduce the most important roman emperor Julius Cesar. Olives are usually harvested in September and that is an experience that you will never forget. In that period all the olive fields are crowded, singing comes from every corner and every day the harvest ends with a typical grill in relaxed atmosphere.


If you are looking for an adventure we will organize for you a jeep safari around the island, an excursion which will give you an opportunity to discover hidden old typical villages of Hvar. If you want to explore the nearby Islands of Pakleni the best way to it is to rent a jet ski or a rubber dinghy.

Everything you desire on your holidays you will it here: night life of a cosmopolitan town, boat excursions, wonderful sand beaches, a conjunction of antique and modern, a drive through the lavender fields, jet ski safari, kayaking, flying with a parachute , diving, tuna fishing, motor safari. Hvar has also a small airport near Stari Grad and the island of St. Clement has a heliport.


The success of tourism on the island of Hvar has been recognized by all the prizes the island gained including the recognition to be one of 5 most desirable touristic destinations of the world.

Hvar is also known as island of lavender. The lavender oil is largely used in a production of perfumes and cosmetics. Lavender flourishes during June, July and August and in the period all the island is colored in violet nuances. The  island of Hvar is the island with the greatest number of sunny days in Croatia and it proudly wears the title of one of the most beautiful islands in the world.


Hvar is famous for it particular geographical position, for its richness cultural and natural monuments. The never ending fields of aromatic lavender, rosemary, grape-vine and olive trees… Hvar is simply a magnificent place which fascinates everybody with its unique beauty.

The modern name of the island is a derivation of the Greek word 'pharos' which means 'the lighthouse.'
Stari Grad is the oldest town on the island and it is among the oldest towns in all the Europe. It has been founded by the Greek colonizers in the year 385 BC and it had the status of a free state.


The island of Hvar is famous for its Mediterranean climate with mild winters, shiny warm summers and a great number of sunny hours. The tradition of the island is that when tourists found themselves in one the hotels on the island while it is snowing, they win a free hotel accommodation. 

Hvar is mostly covered with pinewood which gives it a special atmosphere and with grape-vine which gives up to 50,000 hl of vine per a year. From Hvar through Brusje, all up to Grablje, there is a bicycle pathway.



Milna is a typical small Mediterranean village situated on the southern side of the island of Hvar, at 4 km distance from the town of Hvar. There are four broad gravel beaches in Milna, the sea is a genuinely crystalline and the restaurants where you can enjoy in traditional Dalmatian specialties successfully encircle the feeling of pure enjoyment.


Brusje is a village at 6 km east from the town of Hvara. Originally it used to be a shepherds' village, afterwards it was transformed to a village of agriculture famous for production of wine, olive oil, rosemary oil and honey. Today, Brusje is a kind of suburb of the town of Hvar and a favourite place for all those who want to experience the authentic village style of life on the island.

Veliko Grablje

Veliko ili Velo Grablje is a village at 11 km east from the town of Hvar. Once it used to be a prosperous and wealthy village where hard working people lived and produced an exquisite vine, olive oil and honey but mostly it was famous for the biggest production of lavender roil in all the Europe. Today the village is almost totally abandoned, it counts just a dozen permanent inhabitants sine the majority of its inhabitants moved to the town of Hvar in the last decades. The saint patrons of the Grablje village are St. Cosmo and Demian celebrated on the 26th of September.


Zarace is a long bay with vast gravel beaches. Those who love the beauty and the colourful diversity of the sea world in this bay will enjoy an unforgettable exploration. The beach is wonderful and the nearby restaurants offer excellent fish specialities. It is possible to reach Zarace both by boat from Hvar or by a car.


Pribinje is a wonderful bay situated at 3km north of Hvar, near the Vira camping and only a few houses stand in the whole the area. The sea in this bay is crystalline clear and the coast is protected from winds representing thus a perfect harbour for sailing boats who often stop by to enjoy one of many specialties offered in a fish restaurant situated at just few meters from the sea.