There where the sea waves meet the marvelous white beaches the Biokovo National Park rises to protect one of the most brilliant pearls of Adriatic Sea: the wonderful village of Brela. The astonishing beauty of Brela's seaside has been described by many famous poets and the village is righteously pride of one of the most fascinating beaches on the Adriatic coast.


On the Forbes’ scale the beach in Brela has been positioned as the sixth most beautiful beach of the world. Brela is unique also thanks to the variety of entertainment it offers. Families with children can enjoy the shadow of the dense pinewood listening to the waves washing the beaches where children can rejoice in playing on the beach or in the sea.

To those guests who are seeking  more active vacations Brela offers all the necessary infrastructure to indulge their needs such are grounds for tennis, handball , basketball and many water sports. People looking for fun just love the so called 'Fishermen Nights' (‘Ribarske noci’) which are often organized at Brela but also in the nearby town of Makarska famous for its numerous discos and night clubs.


The specialty of gastronomic offer in Brela is the great variety of dishes based on a highest quality fish, seafood and wine. All around Brela nice, intimate, family run ‘konobas’ (typical Dalmatian taverns) can be found and all of them invite us to try some of their great cuisine difficult to resist.

Thanks to its geographical position to all those in search of adventure the mountain of Biokovo offers both the more challenging and the relaxing pathways in nature where you can enjoy an amazing day excursion or even a few days trip in a discovery of all the beauties of the National Park. From all around the world people come to experience the magnificent beauty of the Biokovo Mountain.

Mountain of Biokovo boasts also an exceptional richness of flora and fauna where it is not unusual to encounter a buffalo, by law protected animal species just as lots of other rare animals. The highest top of Biokovo, St. Jure ( 1762 m ) is worth conquering if not for anything, than for the breathtaking view it provides, the spectacular picture of the nearby islands, the impressive coast and the sea under the mountain. 

In Brela, there are everyday fast boat lines which will take you to the islands of Hvar and Brac and to Vruja, famous for its fresh water springs.